Marietta Roofing – How To Research Roofing Companies

A Definitive Guide On How To Research Roofing Companies

If you are looking to hire a roofing company, then the chances are that you want to get the job done one time. Roofing isn’t one of the jobs that would be fun if you did them twice since the process can quickly take up your hard-earned money and a lot of your valuable time. The cost of having to replace a poorly done roof is incredibly high. With that said and done, it is certain that homeowners must do everything in their jurisdiction to hire an experienced roofing contractor with the very first attempt. And an effective way of doing so is by applying some due diligence in the research process. This guide on how to research roofing companies will definitely make your research process a lot easier.

Roofing can easily get confusing, and if you’re not sure how to research roofing companies, we have come up with a list of the secret questions you need to ask your prospective contractors on the phone s that you will not only hire the right professional for the job but also save time.

It is now easier more than ever to find a roofing contractor for your home job. All you have to do is put your name on a website and you will receive a listing of dozens of roofing professionals competing for business. And while this might seem great, the truth is that getting many estimates at the same time makes it difficult to select an appropriate contractor since you will have to flip through a lot of information before arriving at your decision. Remembering crucial information like the installer certifications and warranty length becomes difficult, and this is where most homeowners find themselves choosing a roofer based on the installation cost itself. Wondering how to research roofing companies? Let’s get started with our guide.

1. Establish the Contractor’s credibility with these three questions

Before you can settle on a roofing company, you must ensure they are credible, which is crucial if you want to protect yourself from a potentially poor installation. And although there could be many questions, these three could come in handy in the phone screening process:

• What’s your legal business name? Obtaining the roofer’s legal name is particularly crucial nowadays because of how easy it is for one to falsify their information online. A bit of detective work can be the first step in hiring the right roofing contractor for the job. You should never accept answers that are unclear or sound hesitant since it’s the easiest way to protect yourself from being scammed.

• What is your company’s level of insurance? Roofing company insurance could be tricky since many states might need different levels of coverage. In some states, for instance, a roofing contractor will need to have not less than $1,000,000 in general liability insurance for them to be approved as legal operators.

• Who will be on site for my project? If you already have a reputable company to do your roofing work, the chances are that they will have more than one project at that time. If that is the case, the company’s owner might not be available to supervise the roofing work so be sure to inquire about who will be there to oversee every detail of your project.

2. Pre-Screen For Ethical Roofing Contractors

Ethics is a slippery area since we all view them differently. What could be okay with one homeowner could be wrong from another homeowner’s point of view. For instance, some homeowners will go for a roofing company whose project manager is always on-site during the roofing project because it guarantees proper roofing operations while others won’t care about the presence of a supervisor. Concerning ethics, all you want is to hire a roofing company that has your best interests at heart.

3. Determine the contractor’s price per square foot

When researching a Marietta roofing contractor, it is essential to know their price per square foot. Inquiring about this will help you uncover the unethical, lazy, or inexperienced contractors who are just trying to secure your job regardless of the cost. Evaluating a contractor’s price per square foot will apparently save you a lot of time by protecting you against unscrupulous companies that race to the bottom based on price, an unethical practice that helps a contractor secure a job in the short term. Roof pricing is a complex area since many factors go into how much the roof will cost. These factors include; the age of the roof, the market price of different roofing materials, the pitch of roof, and condition of the shingles. When researching roofing companies, make sure that any selected company can easily explain how each factor affects the cost of your roofing project. Avoid contractors who will base their price on a single element since it could be a recipe for disaster.

4. Compare between a layover and full replacement

When researching roofing companies, it is crucial for you to choose between a layover and a complete roof replacement. With a layover, the roofer will just nail the new shingles over the existing ones instead of first getting them off. Companies that perform roof layovers should be avoided since it is a practice that could be detrimental to your roof’s health. Roof layovers are bad for any homeowner because if there was an existing problem with your roof, it means that the issue will just be covered up, which could result in more damage. If your roof shows signs of water damage like lichen or moss, it is advisable that you avoid a roof layover.

While a full roof replacement might be expensive, it is the best bet for your money if you are looking for a long-term solution for your damaged roof. When researching roofing companies, be sure to inquire which one they offer between the two, its cost and the situations that would require either of the two.

If you were still in the dark on how to research roofing companies, you now have some valuable information below your belt. This will help you conduct your research smoothly and eventually settle on the right roofing company for your home improvement project.